Back to school excitement in the Kinlin House

Back to school excitement in the Kinlin House


September is here, and it's time for back to school. I thought I'd write a blog about going back to school and what all the excitement is about for the kids. So, let me share with you my experiences for this September.

Our oldest son is heading off to college for his second year. He's studying agriculture about 2 1/2 hours away from our home, so he will be staying in an apartment with some friends. We're super excited for him. This is his final year of school, and he's eager to finish up and join the real working world.

Our second son is going into his third year of high school, and he's excited to play lots of football and do well in school. He has set a goal for himself to play university football, and that means he needs good grades. I'm excited to watch his year unfold with his goal in mind. 

Our little princess is heading into grade four this year. I can't even believe it; she's so grown up. She's excited to meet new friends and reconnect with her old ones. I'm sure she'll be telling all her friends about her experience of running her first business this summer. She baked cookies and sold them at two farmers' markets, and she sold out both times. Her "Libby's Cookies" business was really successful, and I can't wait to see how much success she has in grade 4.

So, that's the full spectrum of school here. I guess if we had one in daycare, we would really hit them all. I'm super excited for my kids heading back and also just holding lots of space for myself to be patient because it is a time of change for all of us, and I want to remember and honor that in myself.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention one person: I am also heading back to school this month. I'm taking my final course for my degree in adult education at Brock University. It's all online, and I've already read the course syllabus. I'm super excited. I have to write two papers and participate in the weekly discussion boards, and then I will have my degree. I wrote a goal for myself that includes how I'm going to feel when I achieve that goal, and honestly, I cannot wait to hear my husband and kids cheer wildly as I cross the stage for that degree. I will feel so smart and confident!  Having this degree has been a significant part of my new business, learning how adults learn and putting that into practice with my clients. It's been very exciting for me.  

That's our back-to-school experience in the Kinlin household. It's a pretty exciting time, and we're super proud of the kids. I know that they're going to have great success. Looking forward to getting those first-day-of-school photos and looking forward to a fresh start.

If you're also looking for a fresh start, let's work together. I have a great goal-setting workshop available where we can do an amazing reflection. In the end, we will both be blown away by the goal you set for yourself and how motivated you are to achieve it. That's really the first step in working with me: setting a goal, and then we can go from there. If you want more help to achieve that goal, we can keep working together. But if you just want to set a goal, that's awesome too.

So, click the link to work with me. You can also check out the pre-recorded version of the workshop if you're curious about what it's going to be like. Follow it up with the one-on-one session, where we can really pull everything out of you and get after a really exciting goal.

I hope your experience in the back-to-school world is good, but I also remind you to do something good for yourself. Reach out to work with me today.

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