Frequently Asked Questions


Why is the company called Pearl Performance?

Sarah's husband's Mom (who is way too amazing to be called a MIL) is  Gwenythe Pearl Kinlin, and Sarah's daughter is Libby Pearl Kinlin. Also, making a pearl requires grit, and pearls are unique and valuable. So Pearl was easy. The performance came because Sarah is an expert in performance management, and has a passion to improve the performance of people, machines, and processes. So the name stuck - Pearl Performance Incorporated. 

Just like a pearl, Sarah is a gritty, unique, and valuable speaker, coach, and educator.


Why green? 

I chose green because it evokes feelings of growth, harmony, abundance, and nature. This exact shade of green also happens to be very popular in the nuclear industry as "control panel green." As a tribute to my late father, who spent over 30 years working on those control panels, it's the perfect shade. 


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