My Personal Journey

Sarah helps leaders develop the right balance of grit and grace to set and achieve goals with ease. She is a professional leader with over 20 years of experience in the fast-paced corporate world. In 2022, Sarah made a few decisions that changed her life. She switched jobs, hired a professional coach, and went back to school as an instructor and a learner. She founded Pearl Performance Incorporated, a company that delivers professional coaching, speaking engagements, and educational workshops. All while continuing to work full-time.

Ironically, 2022 was the least stressful year of her life, as she discovered grit and grace, flow and ease, and how to truly rest and reflect. Using the best amounts of grit and grace, Sarah was able to leave her corporate job in December 2023, to go all in on her speaking, coaching, and educating business, Pearl Performance Incorporated.

Sarah is a little bit geeky; she has a degree in Chemistry and recently rediscovered her love of learning by completing a Bachelor of Education in Adult Education. She is 6-sigma black belt certified and has captivated numerous audiences throughout her 20+ year professional career. Tired of waiting for retirement, Sarah is living her best damn life today and wants to help YOU do the same. 


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