Hey you, yes you! Are you:

  • On a path, but not sure why or where it is leading you?
  • Wondering if you will be stuck in your current job forever?
  • Struggling to find purpose in your day-to-day?
  • Feeling like you have so much more to offer, but you're too tired to even consider the possibilities?
  • Working so hard but not seeing the results?
  • Feeling like everything is harder than it should be?

That was me before I discovered the elements in this program. I've gone from overworked corporate leader, to founder and entrepreneur, living my best damn life! And I couldn't keep it a secret, I had to share it with you! This program will change your life. ❤️Sarah

Taking you from busy and overwhelmed to rested and focused.

The Grit & Grace Coaching Program will have you:

  • focusing on a goal, you may never have thought of before
  • trying new things with your gritty growth mindset
  • making time to rest and reflect
  • discovering the power of flow and ease, and that it's allowed to be easy
  • living your best damn life

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The Grit & Grace program will help you:

  • Discover goals that light you up and how to have fun achieving them!
  • Develop grit and grace to truly believe in yourself!
  • Find a state of flow and ease, because there's always an easier way!
  • Spend time reflecting on the past, celebrating success, and achieving more!
  • Learn how to truly rest, especially on weekends, so that Mondays become your favourite workday.

Grit & Grace Program Overview:

The program is delivered online via seven 1:1 personalized coaching lessons. After week 1, each lesson begins by reflecting on each of the previous lessons. 

Lesson Plan: 

  • Week 1: Setting a goal: In this lesson, we will do a reflection looking back on your life and forward to the future. From there we will create a goal for the next 10 weeks and get it in writing! It will be better than a SMART goal, it will be something that you don’t know how to do or have never done before, so it might not seem realistic or achievable. With the tools you are going to learn over the next 10 weeks, it will happen. In this lesson, we introduce the topic of journaling as it relates to writing down your goal as a daily practice.
  • Week 2: Let’s have some fun: In this lesson, we will remind ourselves of how much fun it is to play! We will play a short game, with lots of laughter and joy. Of course, we will also review your goal and make sure you are taking small daily actions toward it.
  • Week 3: Writing a Grit Statement: This lesson is about grit. What it is and how powerful it can be in achieving your goals. We will also go through a beautiful reflection, do develop a personalized grit statement for you. Building on your journaling practice, you’ll be asked to write out your grit statement every day.
  • Week 4: How to have Grace: This lesson is about what grace is, how it must balance our grit, and how powerful both can be in achieving your goals. We will also go through a beautiful reflection, do develop personalized grace affirmations for you. Building on your journaling practice, you’ll be asked to write out your grace affirmations every day.
  • Week 5: Flow & Ease: In this lesson, we learn about the amazing power of flow and ease. Napoleon Hill said, “It takes no more effort to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity than is required to accept misery and poverty.” This lesson includes a guided meditation as we begin to explore how it doesn’t have to be hard.
  • Week 6: The power of reflection: In this lesson, we continue to build our practice of journaling. You’ve been writing your goal, grit statement, and grace affirmations. In this lesson, we explore other journaling practices and find what works for you. Maybe it’s a dump of negative emotions every day, or maybe you just set a timer and write. In any case, your journal is a place to visualize and celebrate your success.
  • Weeks 7-9: Rest: (no lessons these weeks) The moment you feel you can’t take a break is the moment you need it the most. Rest, recharge, and come back strong. Complete your tasks with flow & ease.
  • Week 10: Unlock your full potential: This is the final lesson, where we recap all the previous lessons, celebrate your success, and plan for the future. You’re going to need a telescope to look back and see how far you’ve come in these 10 weeks. You’ve gained so much clarity, motivation, resilience, and work-life balance. You’re ready to start a new goal, and I’ll be here to support you with a follow-up program created just for you.

Client Success Story:

"I am so happy and grateful for taking the coaching program with Sarah. I met Sarah, during a busy and challenging time. I was feeling overwhelmed with so many tasks on my endless "To-Do" list and a challenging transition to a new role. Sarah inspired me to start a 10 weeks coaching program with her. I learned how to be in control of my own life and responses, how to protect my time and goals, and how to do anything with calm and ease. I am now more confident and understand myself and others much better. I feel empowered and free! I continue to reflect every day on my goals and journey, writing on my beautiful journal. From my experience, coaching opened my mind to new opportunities and enabled my personal growth. Thank you so much Sarah for coaching me on how to trust and love myself."

~ Guia, 10-week Coaching Program Client

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Coaching Methodology:

Sarah's expertise: Sarah has over 20 years of corporate leadership experience, driven by the slogan “The number one job of a leader is to grow more leaders.” From co-op students to engineers, to packaging operators, Sarah has made people development a priority throughout her career. Sarah believes her clients will be successful even before she even meets them.

Sarah’s coaching approach: To ensure progress, the program is well defined, however, there is room to let the client lead the way in the weekly lessons to meet their own personal needs. Sarah is organized, caring, and patient, and radiates a positivity that is infectious.  

Results-driven focus: The 10-week coaching program has a commitment to delivering tangible results and supporting clients in achieving their goals.

Registration Details:

Program details: The program is delivered online via seven 1:1 coaching lessons.  Weeks 1-6 are in sequence, with a break on weeks 7-9, and the final lesson is in week 10.

Investment: $2000 + HST payable at the start of the program. Personalized payment plans are available, click here to contact Sarah for more information.

Limited availability: To ensure each client receives the high-energy, effective coaching that Sarah is known for, the program is limited to only 4 spaces per month. Click here to secure your spot. 

Ready to start living your best damn life?

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