Sarah helps audiences develop the right balance of grit and grace to set and achieve their goals with ease.

About Sarah

Sarah is a captivating storyteller, coach, educator, wife, and mama to 3. Sarah learned to be a resilient leader at an early age, as the older sister to five younger siblings. She has been leading people in the corporate world for over 20 years. Her unique story, vast leadership experience, and positive energy make her the ideal speaker for your next event. Sarah helps audiences develop the right balance of grit & grace to set and achieve goals with ease. Tired of waiting for retirement, Sarah is living her best damn life today and wants to help YOU do the same.

  • Grit, Grace, & Goals

    How to strike the right balance to set and achieve goals with ease.


    Do you set big goals but never achieve them? Why is that?

    To achieve big goals, we need grit. Relentless pursuit. When we face a setback, we need to find a way to continue. When we error or take a step back, we need to forgive ourselves. We need to give ourselves grace.  


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  • It's Allowed to Be Easy

    Of course, we can do hard things. But why do we make it harder than it needs to be?


    Climbing the corporate ladder is hard. Parenting is hard. Running your own business is hard. Eating healthy is hard. Sometimes, just taking a shower is hard. But what if hard is just a mindset? What if we remove the word hard and embrace easy as a mindset? What if it's allowed to be easy?


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  • Be Positive. Be Gritty. Be Well.

    How to live your best damn life!


    Do you struggle with the crazy busyness of work and life, never striking the right balance? Do you always feel like your to-do list is never-ending? Sarah is here to tell you that you have enough time for everything that matters.


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Lessons in Leadership: With over 20 years of corporate leadership experience, Sarah is prepared to speak on a variety of topics, including feedback, change management, and diversity & inclusion.

Youth Audiences: Sarah targets corporate and association audiences but loves to speak to youth groups and schools. Sarah has worked with schools and sports teams to help youth understand that they are leaders and that with the right mindset, they can achieve their goals.

All of these keynotes are also available in an interactive workshop format

Check out these amazing testimonials...


Emily, Associate Director, Residence Life

It was such a pleasure to have you deliver a workshop at our conference, Sarah. You were incredible. Immediately after the session, our teams were putting your lessons about feedback and accountability into practice. Your storytelling, practical tools, and wisdom were exactly what our young leaders needed to hear. We all loved learning to provide meaningful feedback. Thank you!


Justyna, Communications & VP of Operations

Sarah was great to work with when she emceed our community event. It was easy to plan the details with her before the event, she was always accessible and was great to brainstorm ideas with. On event day she arrived well before was required and hit it out of the park, ensuring the event ran smoothly, on time and was able to keep everyone engaged. Highly recommend her services and would definitely use her again.

School Assembly Testimonial

Kelly, Teacher

Sarah came to my school and gave a motivational speech on Leadership. Somehow in a gym with a couple hundred grade 4-8 students she was able to make a personal connection to each and everyone. Each student left the assembly feeling empowered with a least one way they could be a leader in their own life. Even parents who attended commented on what a great speaker Sarah was and how sharing her personal experiences with everyone was both touching and uplifting. I hope Sarah can have a chance to come back soon!

Audience testimonial

Claire, Rotarian

"Sarah spoke to our Rotary Club last year and her
personal journey with Pearl Performance Inc. was inspiring and her presentational skills were infectious and powerful. If you want to motivate individuals, work colleagues, or friends to make changes to their lives which will bring them joy and ultimately success, getting Sarah to present to them would be an excellent start."

Grit workshop attendee testimonial

Leith, Podcast Host

Sarah’s presentation was a workshop that challenged me to think about my own personal grit and how I’m showing up in the world. I am very grateful to Sarah’s insights and giving space for me to reflect more deeply. I also really enjoyed hearing her personal stories and how she has learned to be grittier in life.


Robin, Yoga Instructor

I co-hosted a Yoga and Goals Workshop with Sarah. Her positive attitude is infectious. She is living her truth with both grit and grace and is a pleasure to work with!

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