Goal Setting Session Testimonial

Anne, ER Doctor

It was a delight to meet with you on Monday. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy week of getting ready for your retreat tomorrow.... It is going to be phenomenal and you will help so many women... I would like to continue the coaching program with you, as I think there is extremely high value and I don't take for granted that you really believe in me and want to help me achieve my goals. Thank you again for everything." Anne, Goal-Setting Session Client.

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10-week coaching client testimonial

Guia, Corporate Trainer

"I am so happy and grateful for taking the coaching program with Sarah. I met Sarah, during a busy and challenging time. I was feeling overwhelmed with so many tasks on my endless "To-Do" list and a challenging transition to a new role. Sarah inspired me to start a 10-week coaching program with her. I learned how to be in control of my own life and responses, how to protect my time and goals, and how to do anything with calm and ease. I am now more confident and understand myself and others much better. I feel empowered and free! I continue to reflect every day on my goals and journey, writing on my beautiful journal. From my experience, coaching opened my mind to new opportunities and enabled my personal growth. Thank you so much Sarah for coaching me on how to trust and love myself."

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10-week Coaching Client testimonial

Narissa, Farmer

"Sarah’s 10-week coaching program was a transformative experience that left a lasting impact on my life. Before starting this program, I was lost. Not knowing what came next for me; Sarah helped me figure out my goals and give my life meaning. She taught me how to let go of all the negative and think of the positive with grace statements curated just for me. Sarah has empowered me to push through boundaries in a male-dominated industry and strive to achieve what some call the unachievable with my grit statements. I am so lucky to have such a beautiful woman in my life. Sarah, you have changed my life in ways I never thought imaginable. I can’t wait to show you how much I achieved thanks to your guidance. I’m so excited to start the next part of my journey with Pearl Performance Inc."

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Goal Setting Session Testimonial

Lora, Project Manager

"Sarah helped me work through understanding what really matters to me. Life can get so focused on one thing (work, personal life, negative vibes), that it's hard to remember that there’s more out there. And the best part, is that she showed me and helped me understand that I can do all of those."

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Goal setting session testimonial

Nicole, Medium

"The goal-setting session I did with Sarah was so magical and powerful. Typically, goal setting doesn’t always resonate with me because it can end up being super masculine and that doesn’t resonate with me at all. Sarah helped me create a goal that truly aligned with me, right down to the wording and the way I desired to feel. She made me feel so seen and safe to express what I truly desire in the most feminine way that speaks to my soul. The date I put was a couple of months into the future, and just days after our session, I was already feeling like the shifts were happening to make it my current reality. So naturally, as my goal date had arrived I was truly living what I had claimed. Thank you Sarah for this wonderful expansive experience."

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coaching client testimonial

Julieta, Social Media Manager

"I have known Sarah for two years since I moved to Canada. I had the opportunity to work with her, and she has greatly inspired me. I had 1:1 sessions with her for Goal setting, Grit, and Grace, and it was eye-opening. Taking time to reflect with Sarah's help is something I completely recommend. In our conversations, we explored very deeply the things that matter to me in life, and thanks to her guidance, I gained a clear goal, which I write in my journal every day and read aloud. Making decisions today, with my goal already defined, becomes much easier; I just need to see if it aligns with what I've already determined. Today I am living the life I have designed, even with a career change to something that inspires and excites me to start my days... If you are unsure how a coach can support you, having the support of the right coach gives you a lot of value. It allows you to make significant progress. Instead of struggling for weeks, months, or even years, talking to a coach like Sarah can help you see things clearly and quickly. I sincerely recommend Sarah's work... Sarah offers a variety of options, so surely one of them will meet your needs."

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Leadership Coaching Testimonial

Name and Title Withheld

I would like to thank you very much for taking the time to meet with me and to listen to my story about my recent work challenges. I felt I needed someone who was at a distance from the situation to help me reflect on what happened, specifically my role and actions. Thank you for being that person. I have been feeling less anxious since our meeting, and that is a welcome feeling. Thank you again, for meeting with me, for your insights, your words, and your encouragement. I appreciated it all very much.

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