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1:1 Goal Setting Workshop

1:1 Goal Setting Workshop

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Meet with Sarah for a 1:1 goal setting workshop. In this workshop, we will do a reflection looking back on your life and forward to the future. From there we will create a goal that lights you up and get it in writing! It will be better than a SMART goal, it will be something that you don’t know how to do or have never done before, so it might not seem realistic or achievable. But with the tips and tools Sarah will share, you will be on your way to achieving it.

Customer Testimonial: "The goal setting session I did with Sarah was so magical and powerful. Typically, goal setting doesn’t always resonate with me because it can end up being super masculine and that doesn’t resonate with me at all. Sarah helped me create a goal that truly aligned with me, right down to the wording and the way I desire to feel. She made me feel so seen and safe to express what I truly desire in the most feminine way that speaks to my soul. The date I put was a couple months into the future, and just days after our session, I was already feeling like the shifts were happening to make it my current reality. So naturally, as my goal date had arrived I was truly living what I had claimed. Thank you Sarah for this wonderful expansive experience." Nicole, Goal Setting Session Client

Customer Testimonial: "Sarah helped me work through understanding what really matters to me. Life can get so focused on one thing (work, personal life, negative vibes), that it's hard to remember that there’s more out there. And the best part, is that she showed me and helped me understand that I can do all of those." Lora, Goal Setting Session Client

The goal setting session is the same as week 1 of the 10-week program. Customers who purchase a goal setting session prior to starting the 10-week 1:1 coaching program will receive a $299 discount on the 10-week 1:1 coaching program. Contact Sarah for a promo code.

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