Happy Father's Day in Heaven Dad

Happy Father's Day in Heaven Dad
This is my Dad and me on my wedding day. He was the best Dad ever, to me and my 8 siblings! He died from colon cancer 13 years ago at the way too young age of 62. Happy Father's Day in heaven Dad.

Today I gave myself a lot of grace. I started the day by sleeping in, then watched a few sitcoms in bed with my husband and daughter. I made a delicious brunch for our family and then went for a long walk and talked to my sister on the phone. Later, I finished reading a book I couldn't put down and had a little rest. I played outside with my daughter for a bit, helped put the boat away, and ate a freezie! I watched a few holes from the US Open and then watched my daughter swim. This evening we will have a nice family dinner and go to bed early. Today was a day of rest that Dad would have loved.

Lately, I catch myself saying “Enjoy your time” a lot. You don’t know how much you have, so enjoy it. If there’s someone in your life who you love dearly, give them more of your time. And stop sharing your precious time with people who don’t love you back!

Dad, you were the best! Thanks for everything. 💚
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