Brave Orange Sarah

Brave Orange Sarah

My favorite quality in people is bravery. 20 years ago, I took a corporate training course: The 7 behaviours of innovative people. I only remember 1 – bravery. Brave women are innovative and creative risk-takers.

For the longest time, I never considered myself brave. I simply followed the rules, played it safe, and stayed within my comfort zone. It was a necessity of my childhood, growing up with 8 siblings, not following the rules meant abuse. So, last year, I embarked on a journey to learn more about rule-following Sarah. I learned that I have a gold personality who is responsible, organized, and rule-abiding. All my life, I’ve followed the rules, got the degree, the husband, the house, the kids, and 20 years at the same company.

Interestingly, I also learned that I have an orange personality, someone who loves to take risks, have fun, and break rules - who me? So today, I am here embracing my illogical orange side. I’m thankful for the organized rule-following gold Sarah who got me here, but I’m moving forward taking more risks, and embracing brave, orange Sarah. While my childhood required me to play by the rules for my safety, as an adult, it is safe for me to make my own rules.

It is safe for me to step outside the confines of my safe 9-5 job and pursue extraordinary success. It is safe for me to embrace my own dreams and ambitions. It’s safe for me to be brave, take risks and have fun.

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